Ski Boot Spares, Repairs and Fitting


Anything technical Ltd have been involved with ski boot repairs, ski boot spare parts and ski boot fitting techniques, problems and remedies since we set up in business. We have also been running training courses for ski boot technicians for many years.

We are currently responsible for repairs and spare parts for Nordica, Tecnica, Head, Scarpa and Rossignol for the whole of the UK. We also carry spare parts for most other brands including Dalbello, Salomon, Atomic, Fischer and Lange and if we do not have the parts in stock we will endeavour to source the parts for you.

We have 2 different bench mounted riveting machines, a small one for replacing buckles and velcro straps, and a larger machine, which allows us to re-rivet canting bolts and ankle rivets. This gives us the capability of stripping a ski boot right down before carrying out the necessary repair and then rebuilding it.

As well as repairing damaged or faulty boots in our specialist workshop we also have a boot fitting department in our retail shop where we can custom fit ski boots to each individuals specifications. This includes customised insoles, heat molded inner boots, foam injected inner boots, boot stretching and shell grinding.

We stock a range of replacement parts which include buckles, heels and toes, inner boots, ankle/cant rivets, forward lean mechanisms and other spares which we can supply direct or fit for you in our workshop. Below is a rough guide as to prices. For a definitive quote please ring us on the number at the top of this page.

Boot Repair Charges

We also offer a Boot Re-fitting Service for customers who have bought their boots elsewhere and are having fit problems, If you decide to take advantage of our services please see here for the full range of modification charges.

Replacement Heels and Toes

Most recreational ski boots have replacement heel and toe units on the base of the boot. Their primary function is to help reduce friction during a fall whilst skiing so the boot releases cleanly from the ski binding. They also have a grip function to assist walking on snow and protect the main body of the boot from premature wear. Replacing them is something that can easily be done by the customer as they are attached to the base of the ski boots by screws.

Worn Ski Boot Heel RubberWorn Ski Boot Heel Rubber RemovalWorn Ski Boot Heel Rubber ReplacementNew Ski Boot Heel Rubber Replacement

To find the correct Ski Boot Heels and Toes Spares for your ski boots Click here. or if you need help or advice please call us on 01539 734701

Ski Boot Liners

Replacing your ski boot liners can transform your ski boots. As soon as you start to use your ski boots the boot liners will begin to pad out and that luxurious fit you had in the ski shop disappears. As the liner material compresses you start to lose control of your skis, and subsequent over tightening of the buckles can result in severe foot pain. Another common problem lots of people encounter is when they retrieve their boots from the attic in anticipation of their new holiday they discover that mice have chewed up the liners! A new pair of liners are a fraction of the cost of a new pair of ski boots.

Ski Boot Liners

We stock a range of generic and custom fit ski boot liners, to view them Click Here or if you need help or advice please call us on 01539 734701

Butterfly Heel Grab / Y-shaped Heel Grab

Many skiers find that their ski boots are not supportive enough around the heel area. This can be because they have narrow or skinny heels or because the inner boot has packed out with use. Once your heels are loose in the boot it is very difficult to control the ski.

Attaching a butterfly heel grab on the back of the inner boot is a simple but very effective way of tightening the boot in the Achilles tendon/lower calf area.

Ski Boot Inner Heel Grab          Ski Boot Inner Heel Grab          Ski Boot Inner Heel Grab

They are pre shaped sticky backed foam that are located between the inner boot and the shell and come in 2 different sizes Small or Large.

Butterfly heel grabs are available in two sizes, to view them Click here. or if you need help or advice please call us on 01539 734701

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