Scott And Garmont Cosmos Ski Boot Buckles




Scott Cosmos Ski Boot Buckles

Replacement buckles for all models and all years for Scott and Garmont ski boots. Please note that although the buckles pictured may look slightly different to the ones on your boots they will fit in exactly the same way with a single screw attachment via the screw rivets provided. Please note that we have limited styles and colours and cannot guarantee the ones we have will match yours. You can specify a preference in the “notes” box at checkout and we will do our best to match yours as closely as possible. Also please do not call us asking us to source the correct colour or style for your ski boots, Scott produce and supply a couple of variations but we only stock one style to simplify the process.

How to identify the correct buckle

If you count the buckle closest to the toe of the boot as the “Toe Buckle” the next buckle up is the “Instep Buckle”, Next upwards is the “Lower Cuff Buckle” and the last one is the “Upper Cuff Buckle” Scott also change the angle of the buckle depending on whether it’s on the left or right boot to improve aesthetics and make them easier to use so you will also need to select the correct side.

Please Note: The buckle supplied may differ in colour and style to the one in the image.

What we supply

The pack includes one buckle and a screw rivet attachment kit which comprises of one metric screw and one metric captive retaining nut for the inside of the boot.

How to fit the buckle

Scott and Garmont buckles are not riveted into the shell which makes replacement very easy. Simply unscrew the existing bolts and screw on the new buckle.

Fitting Service

If you’re not confident with a screwdriver we offer a fitting service for a reasonable sum and if required we can do the job within 48 hours. Please ring us for a quote.

Additional information

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