Why Service?

All skis and snowboards will perform to their optimum performance levels whilst new. The base or running surface (polyethylene) allows you to glide and generate speed, whilst the edges (steel) allow you to grip and turn readily. During the manufacturing process the bases are ground flat and smooth and then hot waxed. The edges are machined to specific angles and polished.

Once we start to use the equipment it will slowly start to deteriorate. The bases will lose the wax and start to become scratched. This increases friction and slows you down. The edges will lose their sharpness and start to become rounded. This will make gripping and turning more difficult.

With a small amount of knowledge and the right tools you can service your own equipment to a satisfactory standard but there will become a time when only a professional workshop can perform the necessary operations to bring your equipment back to new.

At Anything Technical we have one of the most sophisticated workshops in the UK. Using our state of the art machinery we can service skis and snowboards to the highest possible standards.

Ski Race Tuning – We have the equipment, tools, skills and knowledge to be able to offer one of the best bespoke ski race tuning services in the country, plus we stock the best racing waxes available by Austrian wax manufacturer Holmenkol. Whether you race on dry slope, indoor snow or in the Alps racing we can give you the best service and advice, just ring for a quote.

Over the last 30 years we have trained a majority of the UK’s ski and board technicians at our specialised training courses. We are also the UK suppliers of Wintersteiger, the world’s biggest machinery and workshop brand and Holmenkol, the world’s oldest wax brand.

This gives us the edge as our knowledge, skills and expertise are second to none and it sets us apart from any other retailer as we can carry out repairs to skis/snowboards and ski boots that no other shop in the country is capable of doing.

Apart from ski servicing, we also offer various other repairs via our fully equipped workshop. We offer a full binding mounting service and are able to mount bindings to skis from most manufacturers, transfer bindings from ski to ski and also mount race plates and bindings to race skis to F.I.S. standards. View our binding charges?

We can also perform a wide range of ski boot repairs on ski boots whatever the manufacturer, with a well equipped boot repair bench on which we can replace buckles and rivets, stretch ankles and toes and generally perform most types of repair. We are the authorised repair centre for Tecnica and Nordica and administer warranties on behalf of their respective importers and carry spare heels and toes and buckles for both in stock.