Ski Boot Spares, Repairs and Fitting

Boot Stretching

Most technical ski shops will offer a ski boot stretching facility.

Ski Boot StretcherSki Boot Stretcher

There are instances when a boot stretch is necessary ( bunions, large ankles, wide feet etc ) but stretching the shell is generally only required in certain circumstances. All ski boots are made of plastic and plastic is thermo-moldable which means it can be modified and reshaped with heat.

Ski Boot Toe BoxStretcherSki Boot Stretcher Length StretcherSki Boot Width Stretcher

A stretcher is a hydraulic press that is placed inside the shell of the ski boot in the area that needs pushing out. The shell is warmed using a heat gun ( some shops use boiling water or infra red heaters ) and the stretcher is then pumped up so pushing the shell outwards. The boot is then cooled in cold water and the inner boot put back inside. Generally pushing the shell a few millimetres is sufficient.

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