Ski Boot Spares, Repairs and Fitting

Volume Reducers

Some of the most common boot fit problems are caused when ski boots are too big, usually when the boots have been bought on the large side or the inner boot has packed out from extended use. The resulting excessive volume leads to a loss of control, with the skier then tending to over tighten the closure buckles to stop their feet moving around in the boot.

This inevitably leads to boots applying excessive and localised pressure as the plastic distorts, particularly on the top of the foot. This results in impaired circulation which leads to numb, dead and cold feet, screaming arches, cramping etc.

An effective solution is to place a volume reducer under the insole within the inner boot. This will lift your foot up towards the top of the ski boot and you will no longer have to over tighten the toe and instep buckles. The boot will overlap more naturally and adapt to your foot as opposed to being over tightened and the shell then pushing down severely on to the top of your foot.

Ski Boot Volume Reducer WhiteSki Boot Volume Reducer Blue

Volume reducers are available in various sizes, to view them Click here. or if you need help or advice please call us on 01539 734701

Ski Boot Heel Lifts

Heels lifts are a godsend for boot fitters and are used in several different ways to help make the ski boot feel more comfortable.

Sidas Ski Boot Heel LiftSki Boot Heel Lift

Heels lifts are ideal for eliminating pressure points, especially in difficult or obscure areas. They work well when the heel lift is placed underneath the insole inside the inner boot as the foot sits further back in the boot and the heel and lower leg are raised upwards. This re-positioning often removes pressure points and helps alleviate the pain.

This re-positioning can also help where boots are slightly tight on the toes, can alleviate calf muscle pressure and help stop shin pain.

We have a comprehensive range of heel lifts available, to view them Click here. or if you need help or advice please call us on 01539 734701

Ski Boot Buckle Extenders

Designed for the male or female skiers who have larger or “sporty” calves, and struggle to tighten the ski boot around the lower leg, without causing pain or cramp. Although most ski boots now have adjustable leg closure buckles and toothed mechanisms, this sometimes is still not enough.

Ski Boot Buckle Catch Extenders

Buckle extenders are made by Nordica but they do fit on to lots of other models from other ski boot brands. They attach to the toothed part of the closure system and enable the cuff to be opened further, thereby helping to accommodate large lower legs.

Ratchet extenders are available on our website, to view them Click here. or if you need help or advice please call us on 01539 734701

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