Holmenkol Ski Edge Gummi Stone-Deburring Block


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Holmenkol Ski And Snowboard Gummi Stone/Deburring Block

Holmenkol Gummi Stone/Deburring Block is a rubber grit block and is an essential tool for de-tuning excessively sharp ski or snowboard edges at the tip or tail to help prevent them from grabbing or hooking. It is also particularly useful for removing the small burrs that can accumulate on ski or snowboard edges underneath bindings. Supplied with a plastic storage sleeve for protection, a must-have item for professional or amateur ski technicians.

Features and Specs.

  • Carborundum  impregnated rubber block
  • De-tuning ski and snowboard edges
  • Deburring ski and snowboard edges
  • Size: 70 x 50 x 20mm
  • Product Code 20550



For straightforward advice on how to use this product and for general ski and snowboard workshop enquiries please call us on 01539 734701 or you can e-mail us at .

Please note we also provide ski and snowboard technician training courses for the aspiring workshop technician, all the information is available on our Training page.

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An in depth tutorial about how to edge your skis in order to get the best results. For more information please email us at [email protected] or visit our website - www.skiequipmentuk.co.uk

HOLMENKOL - Basic preparation for new Skis

Before you use new skis for the first time, you should give them some basic preparation. This also goes for freshly sharpened and structured skis. This first preparation is important as it enables the wax to penetrate deep into the ski base. Due to mechanical structuring of the base, fine hairs are produced and these are removed by this preparation. It also protects the base for subsequent edge tuning.