Snoli Hollow Drill Bit For Skis And Snowboards


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Snoli Hollow Drill Bit For Skis And Snowboards

The Snoli Hollow Drill Bit is a special drill which is used when fitting brass inserts into skis or snowboards when the binding mounting screw has sheared off or the thread in the ski has been stripped. The drill is designed to work with binding mounting jigs and is stepped to avoid drilling the hole too deep. However, <strong> you must check the gap between the jig and the stepped portion of the bit before drilling as the height of jigs can differ.

Please Note

You must follow the manufacturers guidelines exactly before drilling into the top surface of a ski. Drill diameters and depths are usually visible on the top of the ski in the binding area. If you have any doubts at all please don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice.

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