Sidas Circular Ankle Padding Doughnut For Ski Boots


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Sidas Circular Ankle Padding Doughnut For Ski Boots

Sore ankle bones are a real ski boot fit problem, especially for men. Men suffer more than women because they tend to have bigger, more pronounced ankle bones. It is nearly always the internal ankle that is the problem. This is because it is the bigger of the 2 ankles, sits higher up the leg and most people tend to collapse towards the inside (pronate) with weight on the foot. If there is only slight pressure on the ankle bone, a doughnut stuck on the outside of the inner boot around the ankle bone will help to reduce pressure as the bone will be located into the hole/pocket.

Supplied in a pack of 4, self adhesive 2.5mm thick pads.


Fitting Tips

First remove the liner from the ski boot by holding the top of the boot cuff from the back with one hand then hold the top of the liner and push forward, the liner should pop out easily.

Place your foot in the liner and locate your inner ankle bone by pressing against it.

Stick one doughnut on the outside of the liner so your ankle bone sits in the hole in the middle of the doughnut.

Trim off any excess material towards the front of the ankle which may cause pressure points on the instep.

Replace the liner in the boot and try on.

You may need to fit a second doughnut to fully alleviate the pressure, simply stick on over the first one


If you are still unsure how to fit these or just need some advice please give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

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