2019-20 Fritschi Xenic 10 Binding W/O Brake



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2019-20 Fritschi Xenic 10 Binding W/O Brake

When it comes to ski bindings Fritschi are one of the most innovative companies around and they have done it yet again with a brand new touring binding the Xenic, which re-sets the boundaries of what’s possible with pin bindings. Made from high-tech materials to keep it light in weight but incredibly stable, it features a compact design which is comfortable but provides superb downhill performance and all in a package that weighs in at 280 grams per unit (without brake).

Features and Specs.

Frontal Unit: The Xenic 10 is the first pin binding with jaws that open and close laterally whereas other pin binding jaws open by rotating around an axis. This offers two advantages, much easier boot entry and much greater resistance to vertical upward forces that can cause inserts to open unexpectedly. Boot entry also can’t be easier, simply place the boot toe behind the red blocking plate and you’re aligned with the pins then press down lightly and the jaws slide inwards to clamp the boot toe. The toe piece includes a slot to attach a ski leash and at the moment the toe piece is compatible with Dynafit crampons.

Heel Unit: The heel unit manages to combine low weight with features you would normally associate with heavier bindings, to ensure good control when skiing and a high level of release safety. Fritschi have managed to cleverly separate the lateral and vertical release functions, which saves weight and improves binding rigidity. The wide base of the heel unit gives excellent stability and power transfer to the ski. The lateral heel release can be adjusted between 4-10 DIN using the screw at the back of the base. The narrower upper part contains the heel pins which are separate pins that rotate freely to avoid friction and are more durable than the “U” type springs used on many lightweight bindings, also with a vertical release of 4-10 DIN. Changing between walk and ski modes is quick and easy. Just rotate the heel unit 180° in either direction. In walk mode there are two positions, flat and one heel riser. The Xenic 10 is supplied without ski brakes but these are available as options in three widths, 85, 95 and 105 mm. In walk mode the brakes are locked up as the heel unit is turned which is very intuitive and easy.

Safety: Fritschi have designed the Xenic 10 to combine low weight with a high level of skiability and safety. The heel units can twist 13 mm laterally to absorb shocks before releasing. Fritschi call this higher level of safety “defined release”by which they mean that the binding releases correctly in any skiing situation independently from the flex of the ski. To compensate for changes in length as the ski flexes the heel unit of the Xenic 10 can move 10 mm backwards, the same length compensation as the free-rando Vipec Evo and Tecton bindings. Many lighter bindings either do not offer any length compensation, or offer insufficient to be considered “defined release” bindings. Another important safety consideration is forward falling frontal release. First, the boot is released from the heel unit and the boot falls forward. As the boot rotates forward it presses on the toe unit and opens the jaws, letting the boot exit. All Fritschi bindings, including the Xenic 10, free the boot at an angle of about 65 degrees (this does depend on the boot model; for most boots this is 65 degrees). This is earlier than other bindings and offers higher safety. Many pin bindings release at 90 degrees and then you can imagine where your knees and head are.

Features and Specs.

  • Fixed stop and broad step-in pedal for easy step-in
  • Innovative technology
  • Infinitely adjustable plus 10mm length compensation
  • Lateral release 4-10 din
  • Vertical release 4-1- din
  • Weight 560g per pair (without brakes)

Please note: The binding is supplied without a brake or leash. If required please order separately

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