Ski-Mojo Silver Skiers Knee Support


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Ski-Mojo Silver  Ski Knee Support

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The The Ski-Mojo is an innovative knee support, designed to help all skiers, especially those who have weak or damaged knees, suffer from thigh-burn, have lower-back problems or are just unable to get the most out of their time on the slopes. As it significantly reduces the load and strain on your knees and legs, the ski~mojo considerably reduces the risk of injury or further injury.

The Ski-Mojo works by “off-loading” some of your bodyweight directly through the shell of your ski boots, reducing the strain on your knees and legs by around 33% while also acting as shock absorbers, reducing jolts and bumps to your whole body.

Another unexpected benefit that came with the ski~mojo was the way that it encourages you into the correct skiing position, helping to improve your skiing technique and preventing skiing injuries.


Ski Mojo comes in two models, Gold and Silver. Silver is suitable for skiers weighing 55 to 85 kg. Gold is suitable for skiers 75 kg and over.

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