Hotronic BD Anatomic Insoles With Heating Element




Hotronic BD Anatomic Insoles With Heating Element

Hotronic BD Anatomic Insoles are a high quality, pre-molded footbeds which incorporate a heating element in the forefoot. primarily designed for ski and snowboard boots but also happy in other types of footwear such as high altitude mountaineering boots, fishing waders, riding boots or anything! Anatomically shaped to offer heel stability and medial arch support which is crucial in boots which are going to be worn all day. Obvious benefits are improved comfort and stability, feet which are less tired after a long day on the piste and improved control though better “feedback” from the ski or snowboard. A must for winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts with Reynards disease or just cold feet.


  • SMALL- UK 4-5 Mondo 23.5-24.5, EU 37-38
  • MEDIUM- UK 6-7 Mondo 25.0-26.5 EU 39-41
  • LARGE- UK 8-9 Mondo 27.0-28.0, EU 42-43
  • X-LARGE- UK 10-11 Mondo 28.5-29.5 EU 44-45
  • XX-LARGE- UK 12-13 Mondo 30.0-31.0, EU 46-48

Please Note

These insoles are only compatible with Hotronic battery packs

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg


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