Repair Pins For Ski Base Repair Pistols




Repair Pins For Ski Base Repair Pistols

Ski repair pins are supplied in a box of 10 in black or clear material and are suitable for use in the Skimender RP105 or Skimender RP360 base repair pistols available on this website. They are also compatible with the Wintersteiger Polygun 2, Polygun 3 and the older Skid gun. They are 11.5 mm in diameter and 160mm long and are made from high quality polyethylene.

Product Codes

  • 55-560-310 – Clear
  • 55-560-311 – Black

Compatible With:

  • Skimender RP105
  • Skimender RP360
  • Wintersteiger Polygun 2
  • Wintersteiger Polygun 3
  • Skid Gun

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg