Sidas 3D Comfort Orthotic Insole




Sidas 3D Comfort Orthotic Insole

Sidas insoles are quite simply the best footbeds you can buy! The 3D Comfort is a high quality, full length insole for use in a wide ange of footwear. It features a Bamboo-extract antibacterial top-layer with an EVA shell to stabilise the heel, support the medial arch help align the foot, which can help in alleviating pain in the knees and lower back. Excellent forefoot cushioning means the insole is extremely comfortable.

Features and Specs.

  • Bamboo-extract antibacterial top-layer
  • EVA shell
  • Forefoot cushioning

Sizes available.

  • XS: UK 2-3, CE 35-36,
  • S: UK 4-5, CE 37-38
  • M: UK 6-7, CE 39-41
  • L: UK 8-9, CE 42-43
  • XL: UK 10-11, CE 44-45
  • XXL: UK 12-13, CE 46-48

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg


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