Insoles and Footbeds

Every foot is unique in shape, volume and the way it moves. Some feet are rigid while others are too mobile. Most feet need support and stability to ensure they function at their best. Your foot dynamics have a critical influence on posture, balance and performance. A customised insole or footbed solution can address this.

At Anything Technical Ltd we have over 100 years accumulated experience working with Sidas custom insoles. Our staff are fully trained in the correct procedures to produce insoles to the highest standards. Although we are not qualified to the same level as Podiatrists we are now regarded as THE specialists for the North of England and constantly treat patients referred by Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropodists and many others. If however, your problems are beyond the scope of our knowledge and skills we are more than happy to advise you who you need to see.

The custom footbeds are moulded directly under your feet using vacuum silicon pads, much like a footprint in the sand. They support the feet using the natural biomechanics of the foot and body to auto position muscles, bones and joints for optimum comfort. Whilst they are not corrective in the same way as an orthotic device they nevertheless provide a comparable solution. The whole process takes between 35 to 45 minutes from consultation to you walking out with a pair in your shoes, so whether you run 20 miles a day, cycle 100 miles a day or just take the dog for a walk once a week, we can help make your feet more comfortable and improve your posture at the same time.

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Will they suit me?

Everyone can benefit from this innovative product, which is already being used by many of the worlds leading sportsmen and women, including cyclists, golfers and professional premier league footballers. However the benefits are not confined to the worlds elite! Sportsmen and women of any level or ability will notice a difference in their comfort, foot fatigue levels, susceptibility to injury and overall performance, in short they can help you to enjoy a more comfortable and active lifestyle whatever your age or inclination.

Medical Problems

As awareness increases we are seeing more and more people who suffer from a range of medical problems, Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuroma and Achilles Tendonitis amongst others. These problems can be caused by badly fitted footwear, sudden trauma, repetitive stress or genetics. Most symptoms can be alleviated, and the problem cured by a correctly fitted customised insole and, just as important, correct footwear, especially when used in conjunction with the right advice from physiotherapists and other medical professionals. If you need to speak to us regarding these specific issues please give us a call and we would be happy to advise.

Childrens Foot Problems

Parents are becoming more aware of the problems encountered by their children as they move into their teens. Muscular imbalances can be caused as skeletal growth spurts leave leg muscles struggling to cope, leading to very low medial arches, poor weight distribution and foot pain, particularly when exercising. Whilst we would recommend a visit to a Physiotherapist for advice regarding corrective exercises we have found that our insoles, be it custom or pre-shaped, help to alleviate symptoms through support and better weight distribution, particularly in the short to mid-term. Again, please ring us if you need some advice.

Off-the-Peg Insoles

We also stock a full range of pre-shaped insoles or footbeds by Sidas for those who prefer a lower cost option. Their new 3 Feet range in particular work superbly well as they come with 3 different medial arch heights, low, medium and high. These work in the same way as the custom option, offering support in the medial arch area, helping to improve weight distribution and reduce over pronation, the cause of many foot and foot related problems.

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