We have a fantastic range of Rossignol skis, ski boots and ski luggage. We also have an even bigger range of ski and ski boot spares available in stock. Our friendly and informative staff have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. They will help you make the right decision to buy the best ski equipment that works for you.

Rossignol is the iconic winter sports brand. Rossignol offers a wide array of products for both amateurs and experts in alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and snowboarding.

Rossignol can draw strength from its 100 years of forging expertise and breaking new ground, and its close relationship with the greatest champions to mastermind a range of hi-tech and intuitive products designed to give everyone an intense and rewarding on-snow experience that can be shared with others.
Aimed at all mountain sports enthusiasts, whether amateurs or experts, Rossignol offers products: equipment, apparel, footwear, accessories for Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Snowboarding, and Mountain Bikes.

The brand works closely with the greatest champions to develop products that are both technically superior and intuitive, high-performance and fun, offering everyone a shared experience on snow which is fulfilling, intense and accessible. Products that are designed in the French Alps by people passionate about the mountains and committed to perfection. We offer excellence in design, quality, and aesthetics to confront everyday with style and elegance, from the mountains to the city.

Our facilities in R&D, design and ski production : At Rossignol Group International Head Quarters in Isère, near Grenoble, is located our R&D lab and Racing Atelier where we produce the Racing skis for the Athletes. We own and operate since 1963 a Ski Factory in Sallanches, in Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley, and a ski factory in Spain.

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