Boot Fitting Charges

Fit Custom Ski Insole and Re-Mould Inners£65.00
Re-Mould Inners Only (Alpine Style)£25.00
Re-Mould Inners Only (Thermo-Mouldable)£50.00
Heat Form Custom Shells£35.00
Supply and Fit ET30Heel Lifts (Pair)£10.00
Supply and Fit Volume Reducers Under Insoles (Pair)£10.00
Fit Butterfly or Doughnut Style Ankle Volume Reducers (Each)£20.00
Supply and Fit Nordica Heel Retainers£15.00
Boot Stretch (Each Stretch)£25.00
Supply and Fit Innerboot Strap (Pair)£20.00
Supply and Fit Buckles and Catches (From)£15.00
Other Boot Fitting per 30 Minutes (or Part Thereof)£25.00