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Wintersteiger Ski Binding Drill Bits £12.00


Wintersteiger Ski Binding Drill Bits

Wintersteiger Ski Binding shouldered drill bits are specifically designed for drilling into skis when mounting bindings. These bits are accurately machined and sharpened to give the correct diameter and depth to avoid drilling through the base of the ski.

Please Note

You must follow the manufacturers guidelines exactly before drilling into the top surface of a ski. Drill diameters and depths are usually visible on the top of the ski in the binding area. If you have any doubts at all please don't hesitate to contact us for free advice, details below.

Features and Specs.

  • 3.6mm diameter 7mm long drill for junior skis without binding reinforcement
  • 3.6mm diameter 9mm long drill for adult skis without binding reinforcement
  • 4.1mm diameter 7mm long drill for junior skis with binding reinforcement
  • 4.1mm diameter 9mm long drill for adult skis with binding reinforcement
  • Multi-Gauge drill for specialist skis 3.3 and 4.1 mm diameter and 11mm long


For straightforward advice on how to use this product and for general ski and snowboard workshop enquiries please call us on 01539 734701 or you can e-mail us at .

Please note we also provide ski and snowboard technician training courses for the aspiring workshop technician, all the information is available on our Training page.

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