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Wintersteiger Discman 2 Ski and Snowboard Ceramic Edge Grinder 18v £450.00


Wintersteiger Discman 2 Ski and Snowboard Ceramic Edge Grinder

This is fast becoming the UK's most popular edge tuner. The Discman is a hand held, portable, battery operated ceramic side edge tuning tool. The Ceramic Grinding disc gives you a smooth, grippy edge, giving you maximum grip on snow, ice and plastic slopes. Using a 35mm ceramic disc the Discman gives you a smooth edge finish that will stay sharper for longer. There is also an optional Ceramic Polishing disc for extremely smooth racing finish to the edges. The Ceramic Disc is quick and efficient and does not take off too much edge, prolonging the life of the ski. Make your tuning between runs slightly less frantic! The Discman can be set to any edge angle between 85 and 90 degrees in degree steps.Using the optional Base Edge attachment the base edges can be ground with a bevel of up to 2 degrees.To make the Ceramic Disc last longer, use a sharpening stone to remove any burrs on the edge first.

A must have tool for racers on dry slopes or on snow!

Features and Specs.

  • Self contained portable device
  • 18v Nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery
  • K150 disc supplied as standard
  • K240 fine polishing disc available
  • Angle adjustment 1/2 degree steps
  • Supplied with British plug adaptor

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