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Nordica Firearrow-Transfire-Hell and Back DD Heels and Toes £35.00


Nordica Firearrow, Transfire, Hell and Back Hike , Dual Density Ski Boot Heels and Toes

Replacement heels and toes for Nordica Firearrow, Transfire, Hell and Back Hike, Hike EXP, Hike EXP W, Dead Money

Features and Specs.

  • Full Set Of 2 Heels And 2 Toes
  • Screws Included
  • Fits All Sizes

Full Application List

  • Firearrow F1, F2, F3, F2W, F3W
  • Transfire R1, R2, R3, R1W, R2W, R3W
  • Hell and Back Hike
  • Ace 3 Star
  • Hike EXP, Hike EXP W
  • Dead Money
  • Girish, Girish Pro
  • Enforcer, Enforcer Pro

Please note!

These heel and toe sets are for the Hell and Hike series up to 2012. They do not fit the Hell and Back H1/H2/H3 from 2013 onwards. Please choose the Hell and Back set for these models


Worn ski boot heels can seriously affect the ski binding release, drastically reduce the safety of the boot-binding system and can lead to an increased risk of injury when skiing.

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